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Column Invests $500K in Partner Program

By Jake Seaton, Founder & CEO · January 03, 2022

In 2021, we welcomed over ten new state associations to the Column Partner Program.

In celebration of this milestone, we announced at the 2021 Newspaper Association Managers Legislative Conference that we would be investing $500,000 toward the direct growth of the Partner Program for 2022. This investment is focused on three key categories for strengthening our support of state press associations.

Enhancing Our Product

We will continue to capitalize not just on the maintenance of, but the ongoing research and development of the statewide public notice sites we provide for our partners. This will include enhanced search and alert functionality as well as groundbreaking new visualization tools. We believe the publishing industry must raise the bar on the capability of these sites and we are committed to being the technological muscle to make it happen.

Spreading the Word

We will work with our partners on investing in the marketing and promotion of the association’s statewide public notice sites with an emphasis on the important role they play in the broader public notice process. These sites are powerful resources for the public and we believe more folks should know about them.

Adding More Partners

We will incentivize additional associations to join our program with direct investments. These investments include a new incentive option as an alternative to the standard revenue share that we offered early adopter partners. For associations who join our Partner Program and transition their site in Q1 of 2022, Column is offering an upfront payment of $10,000 as an optional alternative to our standard revenue sharing. Our goal in doing this is to pull forward the distribution of funds that the association would otherwise receive over time in order to help support our partners in the upcoming legislative sessions.

Column is the only public benefit technology company dedicated to helping state press associations support public notice requirements and publishing companies manage this business. We have a strong vested interest and belief in the advocacy efforts of our partners.

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