Kansas Newspaper Foundation Launches a Donations Campaign with Column

By Sarah Alpert · September 23, 2020

This fall marks an exciting new chapter in the partnership between Column and the Kansas Press Association. Using Column's new donations platform, the Kansas Newspaper Foundation, the 501(c)(3) arm of the KPA, has launched a fundraising campaign on behalf of its member newspapers.

In a statement about the campaign, KNF wrote, "The importance of reliable and credible news and information has never been more vital than it is today. Local newspapers play a critical role in our communities, making us all stronger and engaged citizens."

Through this donations campaign, Column and KNF open new channels for donors to support local newsrooms across Kansas, ensuring that journalists have the resources to keep the presses running in tough times.

For newspapers, joining the campaign is simple. Many newspapers in Kansas already use Column to process public notices, which means they can quickly and easily create custom campaign pages inside the Column app. By adding unique messaging to their campaign sites, newspapers can tell supporters why they need help from their readers, as well as what they hope to accomplish with donated funds — whether that's raising a journalist's salary, buying new equipment or investigating a buried story.

In addition to supporting one specific newspaper, donors can give contributions to KNF's general campaign, which will be distributed among participating publications. All donations flow through KNF to member newspapers, making donations tax-deductible.

A public benefit corporation committed to helping journalistic institutions disseminate public interest information, Column is excited to see donations help sustain local newspapers across Kansas and other participating states. With Column's secure payment processing system and collaborative campaign management tools, newspapers and press foundations around the country can rest assured that each donation will make a difference.

Supporters of local journalism can find links to donation campaigns on newspapers' websites, on social media, or at

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